Pen and ink drawing, with watercolor, unsigned and undated, 37.5 cm high x 53 cm wide.
Purchased in 1967 from a descendant of Captain Gätjen, Inventory No. 67.142 a.
Copyright © Focke-Museum, Bremen, Germany.
The Bremen, Germany ship Clementine was constructed by Mr. Johann Lange in Vegesack/Grohn for J. F. W. Iken & Co.  She was first launched on August 20, 1834 and remained in service for about 16 years.  She was 120 feet long by 31 feet wide by 19 feet deep.
The ship carried passenger and freight traffic from Bremen to North and South America for the first 10 years of her service and then was converted to a whaler in the South Pacific. The ship was captained by Johann H. Gaetjen, Johann Gesselmann, Hinrich Hilken, and Johann Hashagen.
In August 1838, a fire was reported on board the Clementine in the Bremen harbor, as Captain Gesselmann was preparing to sail German emigrants to Brazil.
In July 1842, Captain Gesselmann grounded the Clementine in the English Channel as she was bound from Bremerhaven to Baltimore with 189 emigrants.  The ship was towed to Dunkirk and repaired.  She set sail again for Baltimore in August 1842.
The Clementine was removed from service in 1850 and likely returned to shipwright Lange for partial payment for the ship Neptune.  The Clementine was likely broken up and destroyed.
1. History of Ship Clementine.
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