Jermiah T. Fertich and Sapronah Isabella Conrad, most likely.
This photo came from Calvin Fertig, son of John Henry Fertig.
John Henry Fertig and Beulah Vera Burrell
Wedding picture, September 7, 1914
Children of Jermiah and Sapronah Fertich:
Leon Arthur, Leo Walter, William T.,
Perchey Merlin, Lert Theodore and Esther E.
Lert Theodore Fertig
World War I veteran
Wagoner, 103rd Ammunition Train, Company G
Adele (left) and Edith (right)
Perchey Merlin "Merle" Fertich
World War I veteran
Leo (left) and Leon (right)
Leon, Lilly and Leo (left to right)
You will notice that Leo's baseball cap is tipped to his left and Leon's baseball cap is tipped to his right.  That is because Leo was left-handed and Leon was right-handed.  That is how most people could tell them apart.15
Leo Fertig and Lilly Andriko, June 18, 1967
Jermiah and Sapronah Fertich old homestead location
381 Main Street, has been torn down
Jermiah T. "Jerry" Fertich was born in Butler Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania on June 5, 18541,2,3.  He was the son of Adam Joseph Fertig/Fertich and Anna Bolich1,2,3 After the early death of his father, around 1863, the family moved to Barry Township and Jermiah took up farming at a young age1,2,3
Jermiah united in marriage with 16-year-old Sapronah Isabella Conrad on August 2, 1879.  Sapronah was born in March 1863 near Bear Gap, towards Numidea, the daughter of Joseph and Louisa Conrad4.  Jermiah and Sapronah were honored and blessed with 14 children together: George S., Anna Salome, John Henry, William T., Lert Theodore, Josiah R., Adella, Mertie W., Perchey Merlin, Charles Rollin, Esther Edith, Lillian, Leon Arthur and Leo Walter1,4,5,6,7,8,9.
Lillian, Leon and Leo were all adopted children10.  Lillian Kerner was the daughter of Emma Mae Rissinger and a Kerner from Locust Dale10.  Emma Mae later married Michael Bonniberger and had twin boys, Leo and Leon Bonniberger10. Michael died while the twins were only eight months old in December 191210.  Since Emma couldn't properly care for her children, they were adopted by Jack and Adella (Fertich) Manhart10. Adella also died shortly thereafter, leaving the children to be raised and adopted by Adella's parents, Jermiah and Sapronah Fertich10.  Leo and Leon were identical twins15.  Leon died from injuries received in a bootleg mine accident in March 1940 at the age of 2715,16,17.  He was alive when they recovered him from the mine, but later died at Ashland Hospital due to back and internal injuries15,16,17.  The bottom of the bootleg mine in which he was working dropped into the workings of an old colliery near Lavelle15,16,17.  His brother Leo and another miner, George Lebold, went down into the mine to get him out15,16,17.
Several of Jermiah and Sapronah's children changed the spelling of their surname from Fertich to Fertig. John Henry, William T., Lert Theodore, Leon Arthur and Leo Walter all changed their name.
Jermiah and Sapronah were recorded as living in Helfenstein in 18805.  They moved to Lavelle by 1890 and lived there for the remainder of their lives4,6,7,8,9.  Their home was located at 381 Main Street, three houses east of the Route 901 intersection, on the north side of the road11.  The house has since been torn down. 
Jermiah worked as a fireman at a coal boiler for over 30 years4,6,7,8.  He was also a consistent member of the Patriotic Order of the Sons of America (P.O.S. of A.), Washington Camp No. 260 in Lavelle12.  His membership was recorded from 1917 to 1926 while his nephew, Charles Henry Fertich, maintained the dues ledger12.  Jermiah also publicly acknowledged his faith in Jesus Christ through baptism by immersion in water1.
On November 23, 1923, several of Jermiah and Sapronah's children purchased a home for their parents to live in13.  Sapronah passed away at age 72 on February 26, 193613.  Her sons, John Henry and Lert, were appointed as executors of her will13.  Jermiah died in 1938 at the age of 83 or 8414.  Jermiah and Sapronah were both buried in the Citizens Cemetery in Lavelle14.
George S., born January 9, 1880 and died December 28, 1911
Anna Salome, born August 16, 1881 and died May 15, 1882
John Henry, born February 7, 1883, married Beulah Vera Burrell and died March 9, 1961
William T. "Bill", born 1885 and died after 1923
Lert Theodore, born September 19, 1887 and died June 10, 1960
Josiah R., born October 19, 1889 and died March 11, 1891
Adella "Adele", born August 1891, married a Manhart and died before 1920
Mertie W., born March 9, 1894 and died February 11, 1908
Perchey Merlin "Merle", born February 20, 1896, married Marie B. and died October 1967
Charles Rollin, born July 21, 1897 and died September 29, 1911
Esther Edith, born December 30, 1898, married Raymond Franklin Hummel and died April 1980
Lillian "Lillie", born 1909, married an Andriko and died after 1967
Leon Arthur, born April 12, 1912, married Hilda F. Hatzel and died March 16, 1940
Leo Walter, born April 12, 1912, married Mary E. Joyce and died November 1986
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Burdell is the daughter of Leo Walter Fertich/Fertig, Sr.
Telephone conversation occurred on September 22, 2002.
11. Correspondence with Charles Elmer Eister, grandson of Calvin Charles Eister, brother of Christie (Eister) Fertich.
The following is an e-mail from Charles Elmer dated March 8, 2004:
Thank you very much for that information on the fertich family. While I do not recognize the persons in the pictures I did know Sapronah and Jermiah, Buelah, who had a son by the name of  Lamar, who my wife was good friends with.  Merlin, Leo, Leon, (didn't know they were adopted).and Edith, married to Raynond Hummel an d I have a brief recollection of Lillian and Lertes. Raymond and Ediths home still stands in Lavelle, the 3rd house east of the 901/main street intersection on the South side. Jermiah and Sapronah lived directly across the street from Edith and Raymond and my memory of the twins was when they lived with Jermiah and Sapronah. One of the twins died in a mine collapse on the mountain directly north of the homestead. Thanks. Charles
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Last Will and Testament of Saphronah Fertick.
I, Saphronah Fertick of the village of Lavelle in the township of Butler, county of Schuylkill and state of Pennsylvania being of sound mind, memory and understanding do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.
And  first I direct that my body be decently interred and that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate and situation in life.
As to such estate as it hath pleased God to intrust me with, I dispose of the same as follows to viz:
First.  I direct that after my death the real estate which I obtained by deed or grant that Twenty-third day of November A.D. 1923 be sold to the highest bidder by my executor hereinafter named.
Realizing that this real estate was obtained through the efforts of my children I direct that the sum contributed twoards the purchase and upkeep and maintenance of said home by each of my children shall first of all be paid to them according to the amounts of the sums they contributed.
After the sums which each child contributed shall be paid to each child I give and bequeath to my children John Fertick, Leartes Fertick, William Fertick, Merrill Fertick and Edith Hummel, nee Fertick all the rest and residue of my estate share and share alike.
I direct that my executors shall not dispose of my real estate as long as my husband Jeremiah Fertick survives me.
In order to carry out the aforesaid provisions I order and direct my executors hereinafter named, or the survivor of them, as soon as conveniently may be after the decease of my said husband Jeremiah Fertich to sell and dispose my real estate, the proceeds of the sale of the said real estate to be considered as a part of my personal estate and for that purpose, I do hereby authorize and empower my said executors, or the survivor of them, to sign, seal, execute and acknowledge all such deed or deeds of conveyance as may be requisite and necessary for the granting and assuring the same to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, in fee simple.
And lastly, I nominate, constitute and appoint my said sons John and Leartes Fertick to be the executors of this my last will and testament.
In witness whereof, I Saphronah Fertick the testatrix have to this my will written on two sheets of paper set my hand and seal this twenty-eighth day of November A.D. one thousand nine hundred and twenty-three.
Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the above named Saphronah Fertick, as and for her last will and testament, in the presence of us, who have hereunto subscribed our names at the request as witnesses thereto, in the presence of the said testator, and each other.  John Cavanaugh, Charles W. Staudenmeier.....Decedent died February 25, 1936.  Examined & compared March 31, 1936.
14. Tombstone of Jermiah T. Fertich and Sapronah (Conrad) Fertich.
The tombstone is located at the Citizens Cemetery in Lavelle, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  Directions: From westbound Route 901 at Lavelle, take a left unto Main Street (at the Turkey Hill).  Go about ˝ mile, and the cemetery is on the left side.  The tombstone is located near the northeast corner of the cemetery. The tombstone was photographed and transcribed on April 27, 2002.
15. Email from Allen Fertig, son of Leo Fertig, April 2012.
16. Article on Leon Fertig's Death
FERTIG, Leon, 1912-1940

Ashland Daily News Saturday, March 16, 1940

Leon Fertig, 28, of Lavelle, died this morning shortly after 11 o’clock in the Ashland State Hospital from injuries received yesterday afternoon when he fell 80 feet into an old workings at a bootleg mine at Lavelle. Fertig’s death was the second in two days to result from bootleg mine accidents in this section. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon after a spectacular rescue by his twin brother Leo, and George Lebold, who were lowered into the 120-foot pit on ropes handled by rescuers on the surface. Fertig remained conscious while the rescue work was being performed and talked with fellow workmen as he was being removed to the hospital. Death was due to a multiple of injuries to the back, face, and head. He also was suffering severely from shock. Fertig, along with Harry Schwalm, 55, of Mowry, were working at the bottom of their 60-foot shaft yesterday afternoon at two o’clock when the accident occurred. Schwalm had crawled into a heading about six feet above Fertig to allow him room to load a buggy. The men talked with each other and it was only when Fertig stopped answering his buddy that his plight was discovered. Schwalm immediately spread an alarm and the two men were lowered into the mine. They found Fertig partly covered with debris but still conscious and immediately devised a plan of removing him to the surface. They carried the injured miner about 50 feet underground to a breach from the old workings and from there had him hoisted along the top rock to the surface. He was taken immediately to the hospital where he was reported suffering lacerations of the face and arms, back, injuries and shock. The mine in which the accident occurred is north of the crossroad in Lavelle and above an old working of a colliery that was operated about 60 years ago by the Bieckel and Bramtzel Coal Company.

16. Leon Fertig Obitutary
Ashland Daily News Monday, March 18, 1940

Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon for the late Leon Fertig, 27, of Lavelle, who died Saturday morning in the Ashland State Hospital from injuries received in a bootleg mine accident on Friday afternoon. Fertig was rescued alive from a 120-foot breach in the working of an old colliery near Lavelle after the bottom of the bootleg mine in which he was working dropped, but succumbed to back and internal injuries. Short services will be held from the home of his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hummel, at 1:30 o’clock, followed by services in Christ Evangelical Church. Burial will be made in the Citizens cemetery at Lavelle. He was a member of the Christ Evangelical Congregational Church and was well known as a member of the Lavelle baseball team. Born in Lavelle, a son of the late Jeremiah and Sophonia Fertig, Fertig spent all of his life in that section. He was married to the former Hilda Hatzel of Lavelle, whom he leaves to survive, along with the following brothers and sisters, Leo, his twin, Merlin, and Mrs. Raymond Hummel, of Lavelle, Mrs. Lewis Schilling, of Ashland and John and Lerotis, of Shamokin.

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