George Franklin Ferdig/Fertig
Margaret Rebecca "Maggie" (Kline) Fertig
Rev. William Arthur "Bill" Fertig
Jerome Edward Fertig
Clarence Albert Fertig
Sergeant Marlin Kenneth Fertig
Corporal Myron Lester Fertig
1877 - 1932
1880 - 1967
George Franklin Ferdig/Fertig was born on June 10, 1877 in Snyder County, Pennsylvania, the youngest son of Francis "Frank" Ferdig and Sophia M. Long1,2.  Shortly after his birth, the family moved to Salem Township, Ottawa County, Ohio1.  The family later relocated to Kalamazoo, Michigan.  When Francis passed away, the family moved back to Snyder County.
On April 6, 1898 in Kratzerville, George married Margaret Rebecca "Maggie" Kline3.  Margaret was born on November 2, 1880 in Snyder County, the daughter of Soloman Kline and Lydia Brouse.  George and Margaret were blessed tremendously with the birth of eleven children: Bessie Mae, William Arthur, Lillian Jane, Roy Francis, Mary Alice, Maurice Herbert, Jerome Edward, Clarence Albert, Martha Beatrice, Marlin Kenneth and Myron Lester2,4,5,6.  George changed the spelling of his last name from Ferdig to Fertig1,2,3,4,5,6.  All of his children likewise adopted the Fertig spelling.
After marriage, George and Margaret settled in Jackson Township, Snyder County2,4.  The family moved to Penn Township for a period of time and then returned to Jackson Township by 19204,5.  By 1930, the family moved to Lewisburg Borough in Union County and rented a house for $15.00 per month at 224 Second Street6.
George and Margaret's family had lived on two different farms3.  One farm was located along the Susquehanna River at the mouth of Turtle Creek, south of Lewisburg3.  The farmhouse was built back in the days of the Indians3.  There was a tunnel in the cellar for families to escape Indian attacks3.  The family also lived at a farm south of Winfield, close to the river3.  George was a farmer for most of his life, but he did work at the Dye Works factory for a period of time3.
George and Margaret had four sons who served in World War II7.  Jerome Edward Fertig served in the Army as a Tech 5 in the 304th Infantry7.  He specialized in communication lines and served in the Rhineland, Ardennes and the Central Europe Campaigns7.  Jerome was in the Battle of the Bulge and received the Bronze Star for his heroism in rescuing the lives of some of his comrades7.  He was also awarded the Good Conduct Medal and the European African Middle Eastern Service Medal with three battle stars7.
Clarence Albert Fertig served in the Army Signal Corp7.  He saw action in the South Pacific and Germany Campaigns7.  Sergeant Marlin Kenneth Fertig also served in the Army Signal Corp and was stationed in Oahu, Hawaii.  Prior to the war, he served eight years in Troop F, 103rd Cavalry National Guard3,7.  His cavalry unit was one of the last to train and utilize horses for combat maneuvers3,7.  Corporal Myron Lester Fertig served in the Air Force7.  He died from complications of appendicitis in a hospital in Paris, France3,7.
George Franklin passed away in April 1932 in Lewisburg, at the age of 553,8.  He had been sick from diabetes for a period of time3. Margaret passed away in 1967 at the Evangelical Hospital in Lewisburg at the age of 86 or 878.  They were both buried at the Reformed Church Cemetery in Kratzerville8.
Bessie Mae, born October 10, 1899, married Charles Patrick Oneill and died June 1, 1980
Rev. William Arthur "Bill", born May 21, 1901, married Esther Trephena Trego and died May 20, 1986
Lillian Jane, born January 7, 1903 and died November 26, 1982
Roy Francis, born October 15, 1904 and died June 7, 1987
Mary Alice, born December 18, 1905, married Wilbert Gundy Wolfe, Sr. and died August 16, 1995
Maurice Herbert, born May 19, 1907 and died September 14, 1907
Jerome Edward, born January 22, 1909, married Mildred Mitch and died November 20, 1998
Clarence Albert, born August 28, 1911, married Helen Madaline Dillman and died October 26, 1997
Martha Beatrice, born April 28, 1917, married Raymond A. Sholley, Sr. and died October 14, 1998
Marlin Kenneth, born August 20, 1919, married Leona Helen Smith and died December 28, 2003
Myron Lester, born 1921, married Doris Keyser and died May 30, 1945
1. 1880 Census of Salem Township, Ottawa County, Ohio, Francis Ferdig family.
For more information, see the reference section for Francis Ferdig.
2. 1900 Census of Jackson Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania, George Franklin Ferdig/Fertig family.
George F Ferdig, head, born June 1877, age 22, married 1 year, farmer, rent farm; Maggie R Ferdig, wife, born Nov. 1881, age 18, married 1 year; Bessie M. Ferdig, daughter, born Oct. 1899, age 7/12
3. Memoirs by Marlin Kenneth Fertig.
THE WAY IT WAS AS I REMEMBER, by Marlin K. Fertig, July 1993
My memories start when I was about five years old.  My father, George Franklin Fertig and my mother, Margaret  Rebecca (Kline) Fertig were married on April 6, 1898.  We lived on a farm near the mouth of Turtle creek at the north end of New Berlin Mountain.  It was a beautiful farm.  It consisted of a main house, and a summer kitchen.  We slept in the main house and lived in it in winter, and in summer, we ate, cooked, canned and everything you do in summer in the summer house.  I don't know what the date was when the farm was built, but it was back in days of Indians.  My dad had several old cigar boxes filled with Indian Arrow Heads that he picked up when plowing and harrowing.....This house was built over a spring and the water ran out under the cellar door, down toward Turtle Creek.  There was also a tunnel in the cellar for protection against Indians, but it was boarded shut when we lived there.  Mother said that it wasn't safe for little boys to enter.  Mother kept things in the spring to keep them cool.  Our house had no electricity or indoor plumbing.....
The Reading Railroad ran by the farm up along the Susquehanna River, and at that time there was a lot of trains on the go day and night.  Living close to the railroad, we saw many hobos or bums as we called them.  In the twenties and thirties there were a lot of them riding the rails.  Sometimes, some would ask Dad to sleep in the barn.  Day would say "sure, just put your matches in the mail box", and we never had any trouble with them.....
My dad had diabetes and was in the hospital for a time.  So all of the work fell on mother and my older brothers and sisters, fortunately there were seven of us old enough to carry on with all the work.  We moved to Shamokin Dam for a short time, and the trolley tracks ran by the front of our house......Dad wasn't satisfied with what he was doing working at the Dye Works and decided to go back to farming.  So we moved back on the farm close to the Susquehanna River below Winfield.  Today that entire farm has been turned into a Camping area.....
There used to be a grain mill in Winfield where my Dad would go to have our wheat made into flour.  (I still have a flour bag with my Dad's name on it.) There was also a railroad station in Winfield, where I would go, along with my sister, Lillian, to deliver our milk.  At the train station the milk was loaded on the train and delivered to Lewisburg.  We had an old horse by the name of "Bill."  My sister, Lillian would hook him up to our old spring wagon to take the milk to the station.....
It was April and we were going to have sale at the farm and move into Lewisburg.  Dad had diabetes and couldn't take the work any more.....  In 1936 my oldest brother William (Willie) lived on a farm above Milton, and he was going to move to another farm down below Sunbury......I had two sisters working at the hotels in Eagles Mere in the summer time.....
Then in 1934.....We moved off the farm again for the last time.  We moved to Second Street in Lewisburg.  Dad's diabetes was worse and he had the start of Alzheimer's; not remembering a lot of things.  His legs got gangrenous about 1931 and mother used to bandage them.  She really had a tough time taking care of Dad for many years.  In 1932, my sister Martha was the May Queen at the Lewisburg High School.  Unfortunately, our Dad did not live to see her crowned.  He died in April of 1932, having been bedfast for about six months.  He was only fifty five years when he died. (1877 to 1932).....
The Military draft was in full swing by now, and my brother, Myron, went into the Air Corp, and my brothers Jerome and Clarence, went into the service later.  All three brothers went to Europe, but Jerome was in the Infantry and Clarence was in the Signal Corp.....
4. 1910 Census of Penn Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania, George Franklin Ferdig/Fertig family.
George F. Ferdig, head, age 31, married 10 years, farmer, rent farm; Margaret R. Ferdig, wife, age 29, married 10 years; Bessie M. Ferdig, daughter, age 10; William A. Ferdig, son, age 8; Lillian J. Ferdig, daughter, age 7; Roy F. Ferdig, son, age 6; Mary A. Ferdig, daughter, age 4; Jerome, E. Ferdig, son, age 1
5. 1920 Census of Jackson Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania, George Franklin Ferdig/Fertig family.
George F Fertig, head, age 43, married, farmer; Margaret Fertig, wife, age 39, married; Bessie M Fertig, daughter, age 20; William A Fertig, son, age 19; Lillian J Fertig, daughter, age 16; Roy F Fertig, son, age 15; Mary A Fertig, daughter, age 13; Jerome E Fertig, son, age 10; Clarance A Fertig, son, age 8; Martha Fertig, daughter, age 2 8/12; Marlyn Fertig, son, age 4/12
6. 1930 Census of Lewisburg Borough, Union County, Pennsylvania, George Franklin Ferdig/Fertig family.
224 Second Street, George F Fertig, head, rent house, $15 per month, age 53, married, age 21 first married; Margaret R Fertig, wife, age 49, age 19 first married, cook, Bucknell; Bessie M Fertig, daughter, age 30, waitress, Bucknell; Lillian J. Fertig, daughter, age 27, servant, Bucknell; Roy F. Fertig, son, age 25, laborer, rail road; Jerome E. Fertig, son, age 21, laborer, rail road; Clarence A. Fertig, son, age 18, weaver, woolen mill; Martha B Fertig, daughter, age 12; Marlin K Fertig, son, age 10; Myron L Fertig, son, age 8; Kermit O. Johnson, G. Son, age 2
7. Correspondence with Leona Helen (Smith) Fertig, wife of Marlin Kenneth Fertig.
Telephone conversations occurred on March 14 and April 16, 2004.
8. Tombstone of George Franklin Ferdig/Fertig and Margaret Rebecca Kline.
The tombstone is located in the Reformed Church Cemetery / Zion United Church of Christ Cemetery in Kratzerville, Pennsylvania.  Directions:  Cemetery is located at the north side of the intersection of State Route 1016 and State Route 204 in Kratzerville.  The tombstone is located at the north end of the cemetery, the 6th row left of the east cemetery drive.
FATHER, GEORGE F., 1877 - 1932
MOTHER, MARGARET R., 1880 - 1967

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