Our Family Came From A Distant Land


Our family came from a distant land,

With mountains arrayed on high,

Rich forests and lush pastures,

Remarkably pleasant to the eye.


Then one day the thought arose,

Within their soul and heart,

Divine providence was at work,

Leading them to depart.


The Fertigs sailed from Germany’s coast,

Arriving the fourteenth of September,

Now in New York’s peaceful harbor,

Year 1837 to always remember.


Where to settle was on their minds,

They decided to travel west,

Most all their worldly possessions gone,

Save what fit in bag and chest.


Stopping in Northumberland County,

Which resembled familiar terrain,

The coal regions of Pennsylvania,

Ideal property to obtain.


The work was hard and conditions rough,

It was as treacherous as could be,

Lives were tested and faith was tried,

The price to pay to live free.


John Anthony died shortly thereafter,

His life we must not forget,

Pioneer settler in this great land,

A firm foundation which he did set.


Adam, Francis and John Joseph,

The three sons which did remain,

They did continue their father's work,

Numerous descendents were their gain.


Adam moved to Schuylkill County,

Eight sons were his reward,

The eldest named John Andrew J.,

Did wield the union sword.

Francis begat eight children,

A farmer by occupation,

Snyder County did he reside,

Near the Susquehanna River Basin.


John Joseph was a man of faith,

Forgiven at age twenty-one,

Relocated out west in Kansas,

Onto Paradise when all done.


Let us honor our forefather's lives,

Great sacrifices they made,

Ensuring provision and supplying love,

May our heritage never fade.


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