Johann Anton Förtig (John Anthony Fertig) had a brother named Martin Förtig who remained living in Watterbach, Bavaria, Germany.  Martin had a son named Johann Martin Förtig, who was born in November 11, 1806 in Watterbach and died on June 25, 1887 in Watterbach1.  He was married twice and had 15 children1.  Six of his 15 children immigrated to the United States: Johann Sebastian, Johann Martin, Franz Valentin, Maria Theresia, Maria Anna Francisca and Katharina1.
Johann Sebastian Förtig (John Sebastian Fertig) was born on January 6, 1849 in Bavaria1.  He was a carpenter by trade and at the age of 19, he immigrated to America with his younger brother John Martin2,3.  They set sail aboard the ship Bellona, from Le Havre, France and arrived at the port of New York on October 26, 18683.
John Sebastian settled in Baltimore, Maryland, with his brother, John Martin, and began work as a baker apprentice2,4 He married Eva, who was a German native, born in December 1853 and immigrated to America in 1866.  John Sebastian and Eva resided at 98 Bond Street in Baltimore and were blessed with four children: Anna M., Mary Louisa, John M. and Michael Martin.5,6,7.  John Sebastian began working as a dealer in groceries and liquors5.  However, he died in the spring of 1879 in Baltimore at only 30 years of age2,5.
As a widow, Eva took over the business and got remarried within two years to Samuel Fetsch, who was born September 18596.  Samuel and Eva were blessed with four children together: Charles A., Margaret, Clara and Anna6,7.  The family continued to reside in Baltimore at 146 South Washington Street and 5 Eleventh Street6,7.  Eva passed away sometime after 19107.
Johann Martin Förtig (John Martin Fertig) was born on January 28, 1852 in Bavaria1.  During his early teenage years, he served a three year apprenticeship in mercantile trade and also worked as a carpenter2,5.  At the age of 16, he immigrated to America with his older brother John Sebastian2 They set sail aboard the ship Bellona, from Le Havre, France and arrived at the port of New York on October 26, 18683.
Upon arrival in the states, John Martin lived in Baltimore, Maryland, with his brother John Sebastian2,4.  John Martin worked as a salesman in a dried goods store for two years2.  In 1870, he relocated to Arcadia, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin and worked for Mr. Storm2.  The same year, John Martin moved to Fountain City, Buffalo County, where he clerked for the merchant brothers, Joseph and Markus Fugina2.
In the spring of 1875, John Martin moved back to Arcadia2,8.  He became a partner with the Fugina brothers and formed the firm Fugina Brothers Fertig Company2.  The company dealt in general merchandise including dry goods, groceries and crockery2,8.  In 1878, the business was the largest brick business in the county2.  In 1880, John started a brewery at Arcadia in conjunction with the Fugina brothers2.  The brewery was the second brewery in the county and produced 1,000 barrels of beer per year2.  The company was one of the principal retail companies of the county2.  Annual sales ranged from $50,000 to $60,000 during the early 1890's2.  John had superior management and business skills, which caused his business to be very successful2.  He also became a member of the Arcadia village board2.
In 1882, John Martin returned to Watterbach, Germany and visited his homeland2.  He traveled back to Wisconsin in September of the same year2.  Two years later, John married Mary Gasel2.  Mary was born in April 1863 in Wisconsin, the daughter of Otto Gasel2 John Martin and Mary were blessed with five children together: Roscoe, Mildred A., Maud A, Leonora A. and Martin2,9.
John became a naturalized citizen prior to 19009 John and Mary remained in Arcadia Township and both died sometime after 19309,10.
Franz Valentin Förtig (Valentine Fertig) was born on November 4, 1854 in Bavaria1.  As a young man, Franz worked as a farmer and then immigrated to America on July 5, 1873 at the age of 18 on the ship Bremen3.
Franz Valentin settled in Arcadia Township, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin near his brother John Martin11.  Franz was united in marriage with Mary Hengell, who was born in 1856 or 1857 in Wisconsin11 Franz and Mary later relocated to Winona, Minnesota2.
Maria Theresia Förtig was born on March 7, 18311.
Maria Anna Francisca Förtig was born on March 9, 18341.
It was recorded that one of the sisters named Mary (Maria), settled in Washington D.C. and married Mr. Ruth2.  The other sister named Mary died prior to 18922. It is unknown which Mary (Maria Theresia or Maria Anna Francisca) the information applies to. 
Katharina (Kate) Förtig was born on October 31, 18581.   She married Flinan Buehler of Prairie de Sauk, Wisconsin2 Flinan was born in 1840 or 1841 in Switzerland and labored in the marble works industry12.  The family settled in Prairie de Salk Township, Sauk County12.
1. Descendents of Johann Martin Förtig.
Information on the descendents of Johann Martin Förtig was obtained from Mrs. Irmgard Förtig of Apothekenstr., Germany, via letter, dated November 2, 2003.  Mrs. Förtig was the wife of Karl Heinz Hermann Förtig, son of Hermann Josef Förtig born in 1890.
Johann Martin Förtig, geb. 11.11.1806, gest. 25.06.1887
heiratet am, 18.2.1830 Maria Anna geb. Streun, geb. 12.07.1810, gest. 23.11.1844
1. Maria Theresia, USA, geb. 07.03.1831, gest. ?
2. Maria Anna Francisca, USA, geb. 09.03.1834, gest. ?
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2. 1881 and 1892 History of John Martin Fertig.

John M. Fertig, of the firm of Fugina Bros. & Fertig, dealers in general merchandise at Arcadia, and proprietor of the brewery at the same place, was born in Germany, Jan. 28, 1852.  He came with his brother to America in 1868, and stayed in Baltimore, Md., for two years, and, in 1870, came to Buffalo County, Wis., where he clerked for J. and M. Fugina, merchants.  In the spring of 1875, he came to Arcadia, where he became a partner of the above firm and erected the brick block, where they now do business, in the year 1878, it being the largest brick business block in the county.  He became connected with the brewery at Arcadia in 1880, and now runs it in connection with his other business.  It has a capacity for making 1,000 barrels of beer per year, and was the second brewery in the county.  Mr. Fertig is a member of the Village Board.  The firm of Fugina Bros. & Fertig do an annual business of from $35,000 to $50,000.

Fugina Brothers Fertig Co., the leading mercantile firm of Trempealeau county, established business in 1875, having erected their present fine store building in 1878.  This is a large double store, the east part being used for dry goods, groceries and crockery, its dimensions being 28 x 80 feet, and the west part is 32 x 60 feet.  This is not only one of the principal retail mercantile firms of Trempealeau county, but is numbered among the most important in West Wisconsin.  Their sales range from $50,000 to $60,000 per annum, and their trade is constantly increasing, and the sales of 1891 promise to exceed that of any former year.  The entire businss of this house is under the immediate charge of Mr. Fertig, he being the only resident member of the firm.  The Fugina Brothers, of whom there are two, are residents of Fountain City, where they have a general store and are engaged in grain-buying, etc.    Mr. Fertig was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1853.  He served an apprenticeship of three years in the mercantile trade in his native country.  In 1868, accompanied by an elder brother, John S., he came to America and located at Baltimore, Maryland, where he remained for a period of three years, engaged in clerking.  He then came to Trempealeau county, but the brother, John S., remained in Baltimore until his death, which occurred in the spring of 1879.  After coming to this country Mr. Fertig engaged as clerk for Mr. Storm, at what is known as the old town of Arcadia, and afterward went to Fountain City and engaged as clerk for his present partners at that place, and became a member of the firm when the businss was established at Arcadia.  In fact the business here was practically established by him, and to his superior management is due the success of the business and the importance and extent to which it has attained.

Mr. Fertig is one of a family of eleven children, consisting of eight sons and three daughters.  Six members of the family came to America, four of whom are now living, viz.:  Valentine, the only surviving brother in this country, is now a resident of Winona, Minnesota, and one sister, Mrs. Mary Ruth, of Washington, District of Columbia, and Kate, who married Mr. F. Buhler of Prairie du Sauk, Wisconsin.  Five members of the family are still residents of Germany, where the father died in 1888, and where the mother is still living.  In 1882 Mr. Fertig returned to Germany and visited the home of his childhood, returning in September of the same year.  He was married in 1884, to Miss Mary Gasel, a daughter of Otto Gasel.  They have three children:  Mildred, Maud and Leonora.  They lost a son, Roscoe, their eldest child, at the age of four years.
3. Germany to America Immigration Records.
Germans to America, 1850-1874, Edited by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby.  Originally published as a series of volumes by Scholarly Resources, Inc.
Fertig, Sebastian, Age: 18, Gender: Male, Occupation: Carpenter, Country: Bavaria, Final Destination: United States, Ship's Name: Bellona, Port of Debarkation: New York, Port of Embarkation: Havre and London, Date of Arrival: Oct 26, 1868
Fertig, Martin, Age: 16, Gender: Male, Occupation: Carpenter, Country: Bavaria, Final Destination: United States, Ship's Name: Bellona, Port of Debarkation: New York, Port of Embarkation: Havre and London, Date of Arrival: Oct 26, 1868
Fertig, Valentin, Age: 18, Gender: Male, Occupation: Farmer, Country: Germany, Final Destination: United States, Manifest ID Number: 00032989, Ship's Name: Bremen, Port of Embarkation: Bremen, Date of Arrival: Jul 5, 1873, Captain's Name: Schulenberg, Purpose for Travel: Staying in the USA, Mode of Travel:  Steerage
4. 1870 Census of Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Maryland, John Sebastian and John Martin Fertig family.
John Fertig, age 20, baker appt; Martin Fertig, age 17, salesman in dry good store
5. 1880 Census of Baltimore City, Maryland, John Sebastian Fertig family.
98 Bond Street, Eva Fertig, age 27, head, widow, dealer in groceries & liquors; Anna M Fertig, age 6, daughter; Mary L Fertig, age 4, daughter; John M Fertig, age 2, son; Michael M Fertig, age 7/12, born Oct 1879, son
6. 1900 Census of Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Maryland, Samuel Fetsch family.
146 South Washington Street, Samuel Fetsch, head, born Sept 1859, age 40, married 18 years, ??? maker, rent house; Eva Fetsch, wife, born Dec 1853, age 46, married for 18 years, 1866 immigration; Charles A. Fetsch, son, born July 1887, age 16, day laborer; Margarete Fetsch, daughter, born May 1890, age 13; Clara Fetsch, daughter, born Sept 1891, age 9; Annie Fetsch, daughter, born Aug 1892, age 7; Michael M. Fertig, step son, born Oct 1879, age 20, typesetter
7. 1910 Census of Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Maryland, Samuel Fetsch family.
5 Eleventh Street, William Sehennering, head, age 33, widow, dairy, owned house; Eva Fitsch, mother in law, age 56, widow, 1869 immigration, housekeeper; Charles A. Fitsch, brother in law, age 25, laborer, coin factory; Margaret Fitsch, sister in law, age 23, tailoress, clothing factory; Anna Fitsch, sister in law, age 17, tailoress, clothing factory; Michael Fertig, brother, age 30, printer, office
8. 1880 Census of Arcadia Township, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, John Martin Fertig.
John M Fertig, age 27, boarder, retail merchant
9. 1900 Census of Arcadia Township, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, John Martin Fertig family.
Martin Fertig, head, born Feb 1853, age 47, married 15 years, 1868 immigration, merchant general store, own house; Mary Fertig, wife, born Apr. 1863, age 37, married 15 years; Mildred A. Fertig, daughter, born Aug 1886, age 13; Maud A. Fertig, daughter, born May 1888, age 12; Leonna A. Fertig, daughter, born Mar 1891, age 9; Martial Fertig, son, born Feb 1898, age 2
10. 1930 Census of Arcadia City, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, John Martin Fertig family.
211 Main Street; John M. Fertig, head, house owned, $5000 real estate owned, age 58, married, age 32 first married, 1868 immigration; Mary Fertig, wife, age 67, married, age 20 first married
11. 1880 Census of Arcadia Township, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, Valentine Fertig family.
Valentine Fertig, age 24, head, married, Clerk in stone; Mary Fertig, age 23, wife, married, keeping house; Mettie Hengle, age 14, sister in law, single, keeping house
12. 1880 Census of Prairie de Salk Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin, Flinan Buehler family.
Flinan Buehler, age 39, head, married, marble works; Kate Buehler, age 20, wife, married, keeping house; Jacob Meizer, age 23, partner, stone cutter
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