Jade Fertich
The Fertig-Fertich-Ferdig family of Northumberland, Schuylkill and Snyder County Pennsylvania descend from Johann Anton Förtig (John Anthony Fertig).
John Anthony was born in 1771 in Watterbach, Bavaria, Germany (Bayern, Deutschland).  He married and had two sons: Anthony and Adam Joseph.  Following the early parting of his first wife, John Anthony remarried and was blessed with three more children: Mary Anne, Francis Matthew and John Joseph.
John Anthony and his household departed from their residence in Ohrnbach, Bavaria and set sail to America aboard the ship Clementine.  The family arrived at the Port of New York on September 14, 1837.  The eldest son Anthony was not content with the city and immediately returned to Europe.
The remaining family members settled in Northumberland County and changed the spelling of their surname from Förtig to Fertig.
Adam Joseph relocated to neighboring Schuylkill County, modified the spelling of his name to Fertich and was rewarded with eight sons from two wives.  Mary Anne remained in Northumberland County, became the helpmeet of John Kramer and mother of eight children.  Francis Matthew moved to Snyder County, changed his name to Ferdig, married and had eight children.  John Joseph also moved to Snyder County, united in marriage, was awarded six children and later relocated his family to Pawnee County, Kansas.
John Anthony descends from the following generations of the Förtig family from Amorbach and Watterbach, Bavaria, recorded in the Catholic church books back to the year 1618:  Lorenz Förtig, Sr.(1), Lorenz Förtig, Jr.(2), Johann Förtig(3), Georg Förtig(4), Georg Förtig(5) and Sebastian Förtig(6).
John Anthony had a brother named Martin Förtig who remained in Germany.  However, Martin had six grandchildren who immigrated to America in the mid 1800's.  These related families settled in Maryland, Washington D.C., Minnesota and Wisconsin.