JOHN FERTIG (1736-1831)


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John Fertig (1736-1831) of Chester County, PA was born in Altfeld, Germany as Johann Mathias Fertig.  The following data provides documentation to support this claim.

Supporting Data

John Fertig of Chester County

Johann Mathias Fertig of Altfeld, Germany


1. Same first and last name

John Fertig1,2,4

Johann Fertig8,9


2. Same birth date

Born February 24, 17361

Baptized February 25, 17368,9

It is assumed that baptism occurred at one day old, which is common.

3. Same region of birth

Wertheim, Germany5

Altfeld, Wertheim, Germany8,9


4. Same name of brother

Michael Fertig5

Michael Fertig9


5. Approximate birth date of brother Michael


October 3, 17329


6. Same Step father

Mother remarried a man named Sauer5

April 19, 1738 - mother remarried Johann Adam Sauer from Kredenbach8,9


7. Name Johann Peter Fertig is a father / son relationship

Son was named John Peter Fertig12

Father was named Johann Peter Fertig8,9

If John Fertig’s father died young, it is likely that John may name a son after his own father.

8.  Likely same year of immigration to USA


Ship arrival on October 1, 1754 - Hans Adam Sauer and Hans Michael Sauer immigrated with Johan Sauer5,6

Note 1

9. Same religion

Lutheran / Protestant2

Lutheran / Protestant8,9


Note 1.
It is probable that brothers Johann and Michael were recorded with their stepfather’s last name of Sauer upon immigration because of their young age5,6.  Then when both reached full adulthood, they changed their name back to their father’s last name of Fertig.  Plus on this voyage arriving on October 1, 1754, the ship was carrying a known cousin of John Fertig from Chester County, named Andreas Fertig as well as another Andreas Fertig in addition to another known cousin named Lorentz Albert6.  The mother of John Fertig from Chester County immigrated to the USA, so one would expect to find a her husband named Sauer on a ship list in this time frame (women were not recorded on the ship lists)5.  There was a Hans Fertig who immigrated to USA from Wertheim in 1752, however the following data support the theory that John Fertig from Chester County was not the same person as the 1752 immigrant Hans Fertig5:
  • It is recorded that there was another Hans Fertig from Wertheim who married in 1752 and wanted to emigrate from Wertheim5.  John Fertig from Chester County would have only been age 16 and too young to marry at this time, so there was another Hans Fertig from this region during this time that may be the 1752 immigrant.
  • If John Fertig from Chester County was the same 1752 immigrant named Hans Fertig, then one should expect to also find an immigration record of his brother Michael Fertig. However, there is no record of a Michael Fertig who immigrated to USA during this time period.  The theory that Michael was listed with his stepfather’s last name of Sauer accounts for Michael’s immigration.
  • Since John Fertig tombstone has an accurate date of birth down to the day, the person (likely a child) who oversaw the tombstone inscription had detailed information on the deceased1.  Therefore, if an exact date of birth was known, it is presumed that the 1754 year of immigration which was inscribed on the stone should have had an even higher degree of accuracy since the immigration occurred later in time and likely would have been told talked about numerous times by John Fertig before his death.
  • It would be very unusual for a 16-year old young man to emigrate from Germany to USA by himself without his family.  No other Fertig members were listed on this 1752 voyage.
There is a common theory that John Fertig (1736-1831) of Chester County, PA was born in Deidesheim, Germany, the son of the son of Adam Fertig and Johanna Haupt.  This theory is incorrect.
This theory is more commonly held because of the publication of two genealogy works, which are undoubtedly based on the same research efforts.  The first publication is entitled "History of the Fertig (De la Ferte, Fertich) Family".  The author is not recorded and the work is not dated (probably completed circa 1915) and is found in the San Diego Regional Genealogical Library.  The second publication has no title, author or date and is located in the Fort Wayne library.  This document was transcribed by Mrs. Pat Frappier of Kettering, Ohio and given the name "The Fertig Family". Both of these works contain much of the same information and wording, therefore it is concluded that they are both based upon the same research efforts.
These publications maintain that John Fertig from Chester County was born in Deidesheim, Palatinate, Germany, the son of Adam Fertig and Johanna Haupt. 
The following data provides evidence that this theory is incorrect.
  1. Gustave Anjou, the author of the Fertig family publication contained in the Fort Wayne library is noted for producing many fraudulent genealogy publications14.
  2. John Fertig from Chester County had a brother Michael Fertig5.  However, according to these two publications, John had three brothers, but none of them were named Michael Fertig10,11.  These publications reference Michael Fertig, but suggest that he was a cousin10.
  3. The Fort Wayne publication includes the will of Jacob Fertig written in 178411.  According to this work, Jacob Fertig was the brother of John Fertig. Jacob allegedly also immigrated to Chester County, PA11.  However, his will states that all of his brothers have been lost sight of or are dead11.  We know that John Fertig lived until 1831 and since both Jacob and John lived in the same county, it is very unreasonable for Jacob to lose tract of his own brother who lives in the same county1,11.  Therefore the integrity of the publication is drawn into question.
  4. Deidesheim, Palatinate, Germany is a Catholic village while John Fertig of Chester County was of the Lutheran / Protestant faith1,2
  5. The publications are incorrect to suggest that the Fertig family has it's origin in France10.  Research work by Mr. Josef Fertig of Giessen, Germany has traced the Fertig family back to the year 1390 in Amorbach, Germany where the name began to be used for the first time.
  6. The references in these documents are very sparse.  A professional genealogical research attempted to verify some of the genealogical information contained in these publications and was unsuccessful.
Reference 1 - Burials at Brownback’s Reformed Church East Coventry, Chester Co. – Evangelical & Reformed Historical Society
Appendix “A”
Fertig, John 1736-1833 (came to Penna. In 1754)
Appendix “B”
Fertig, John – Private in the 2nd company, 2nd battalion of East Nantmeal militia, under Captain Griffith, Sept. 24, 1781 (Pa. Archives, Series 5, Vol. V, p. 543)
Page 8
Hier ruhen die Gebeine von der verstobenen ELISABETH FERTIG Sie wurde gebohren den 17 October 1739 von Adam DIHM seine ehefrau Margaretha in Deutschland in dem Dorf Scholbrun und Graffschaft Wertheim  Kam in America im Iahr 1754  Verheirath sich mit Johannes Fertig in October 1762 und staro den lsten Juli 1812 im einem Alter von 75 Jahr 8 Monat und 13 Tage (She came to Pennsylvania with her parents on the ship Phoenix, Oct. 1, 1754. see “Penna. German Pioneers” and page 215, Vol.XII, Penna. German Folklore Society)
JOHN FERTIG who was born in Europe the 24th of February 1736  He came to America in the year 1754 (should be 1752) and departed this life the 13th of January 1831  Aged 94 years 10 months and 11 days. (John and Elizabeth Fertig were married by Rev. VanBuskirk at New Hanover, Oct. 24 1762).  They lived in East Nantmeal township. 
Reference 2 - The Pennsylvania-German Society – The Trappe Records
New Hanover Lutheran Church
Page 458
ANNO 1762
September 12, 1762, at New Hanover.  Fertig, Johannes, Diemin, Elisabeth
Reference 3 - Pennsylvania Archives – Second Series, Vol. VIII. - Edited by John B. Linn and Wm. H. Egle, M.D., 1890
Page 638
1764, June 10, Fertig, Michael, and Anna Maria Ries.
Reference 4 - Naturalizations of Foreign Protestants in the American and West Indian Colonies. - Permanent entry number:  1815280, Source publication code:  2564, Source publication page number:  136, Source publication:  GIUSEPPI, MONTAGUE SPENCER, editor. Naturalizations of Foreign Protestants in the American and West Indian Colonies (Pursuant to Statute 13 George II, c.7). (Publications of the Huguenot Society of London, 1921, vol. 24.) Manchester [England]: The Huguenot Society of London, 1921. 196p. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1964. Repr. 1979.    
Source annotation:  Data derived from return-forms connected with the naturalization of foreign Protestants, papers that were sent from the Colonies to the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations. Transcribed from two Entry Books, once the property of the Board of Trade and Plantations, now with the Colonial Office in the Public Record Office, London. Much other information. Contains returns from the West Indies, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania. A more complete record of New York naturalizations can be found in no. 9860, Wolfe, and for Pennsylvania in no. 6680.    
Page 135-136
Affirmer’s Name John Fertich, Township Limerick, County Philadelphia, Date Sept. 14th, 1765.
Reference 5 - The Pennsylvania German Folklore Society, Volume Twelve.  - 1947, Pennsylvania German Pioneers from the County of Wertheim by Otto Langguth, Historian and Genealogist Kreuzwertheim-am-Main Bavaria.  Translated and Edited by Don Yoder, Ph.D, Muhlenberg College.
Page 215
FERTIG, HANS – Altfeld (1752)
May 12, 1752: a tailor’s son, is indebted to the amount of 200 florins, and wants to go with his wife to New England. //HANS FERTIG, Ship Phoenix, November 2, 1752 (Hinke, I, 502), with other Wertheimers.  He may have been the JOHANNES Fertig who in 1762, at the New Hanover Lutheran Church, married ELISABETH DIEM (“Trappe Records,” PCS Proceedings, VII, 506)…
Added by the American editor as a probable emigrant from Wertheim.  In 1764 he married ANNA MARIA RIES at the New Hanover Lutheran Church (PGS Proceedings, XX, 397).  See his letter, dated Skippack, Pa, 1782, to his cousin LORENZ ALBERT, quoted in the Introduction, Appendix III.
Page 223
In November, 1753….On April 23….Selig declares having made an agreement for transport to Rotterdam, with the following:  …Hans Adam Sauer, with wife and children, Hans Knauer, Andreas Fertig, both of Altfeld…Hans Adam Diehm and wife and children, of Schollbrunn.  He presented the Agreement, sealed in Michelrieth on April 11, 1754, and written by the Pastor there.
Page 235
Sauer, Hans Adam – Kredenbach (1754)
April 16, 1762: son of Johann Thomas Sauer, has gone to New England.  In 1754 he appears with wife and children, amount the passengers of the boatman Selig…Hans Adam Sauer, with Hans Michel Sauer and Johannes Sauer, and other Wertheimers, Ship Phoenix, October 1, 1754…
Page 267 & 268
Andreas Fertig
Peter Fertig
Andreas Fertig, Sr.
Martin Fertig
Hans Fertig, Sr.
Hans Caspar Fertig
Hans Georg Fertig
Hans Fertig, Jr.
Lorenz Fertig
Page 273
(3) Letter of Michel Fertig of Skippack, to Lorenz Albert, June 30, 1782
Beloved Friend and Esteemed Cousin Lorentz Albert…My step-brother Adam Saur lives nearby here, and his father with him.  Mother has been dead two years…My brother, Johannas Fertig, lives in Chester County, about 18 miles from me, in Est Nentmel [East Nantmeal] Township, has a wife and six children, 100 or more acres of land, but is not getting on….Besides, I wanted to inquire of you, if I may, whether you could not give me some news of our cousin Andreas Fertig
Reference 6 - Names of Foreigners Who Took The Oath Of Allegiance, 1727-1775
Page 370-371
Hans Fertig
Page 437-439
Johannes Sauer
Andreas Fertig
Andreas Fertig
Hans Adam Sauer
Hans Michael Sauer
Johann Michael Sauer
Lorentz Albert
Reference 7 - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Tombstone Transcription – Located just southeast of Water Tower on PA. 22/322 between Clarks Ferry Bridge and Dauphin in Middle Paxton Twp., Dauphin Co. Recorded 21 Aug. 1986 by Glenn P. Schwalm
            Fertig, Michael Sr. 1733-9.10.1799 aged 66 yr (Sandstone broken in half – earliest burial)
Reference 8 - Michelrieth Lutheran Church Registers - Michelrieth, Wertheim, Germany
Baptismal record of Johannes Mathias Fertig (photocopy of original handwritten church record):
Transcription: 1736, 25tn dito (Febr), Parentes Hanβ Pet. Fertig u  Anna Altf., Susceptures Johannes ? ? ? ? Alft sofn, Infantes Johannes Matthias
Translation: Johannes Mathias, the son of Hans Peter and Anna Fertig from Altfeld, was baptized on February 25th 1736.  Sponsors were Johannes ? ? ? ? from Altfeld.
Email correspondence with Pfarrer Reinhold Völler of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Parish in Michelrieth, Grafschaftsstraße 19, D-97828 Marktheidenfeld-Michelrieth, dated February 6, 2008: ....Folgenden Eintrag habe ich in unseren Kirchenbüchern gefunden: 1736/25.2./ Fertig Johann Matthias/ Eltern (Parents): Hans Peter und Anna Fertig, Altfeld; Pate: Johannes Hans Peter Fertig, Sohn, Altfeld.
Translation: Below entry, I have in our church records found: 1736/25.2./ Fertig Johann Matthias.   Parents: Hans Peter and Anna Fertig, Altfeld; Mentor : Johannes Hans Peter Fertig, son, Altfeld.
Email correspondence with Pfarrer Reinhard Hausmann, Am Schläglein 17 - Altfeld, D - 97828 Marktheidenfeld, dated March 8, 2008:....Now I answer your questions:
1.1 The Wertheim area (County of Wertheim) is divided into two parts since 1815. The part in the North of the Main River had become part of Bavaria, the part in the South of that River part of Baden. The parts differ in the churches: Bavaria Lutheran; administration in Munich. Baden United Evangelical; administration in Karlsruhe. According the different administration there are different laws and orders since 1815. Before 1815 you find nowhere any familiy register. After this time parishes in Baden have family registers, but going back only till about 1815.
1.2 In the area are established some parishes, mostly including several villages. E.g. Michelrieth parish (Bavaria): Michelrieth (residence of the pastor) with the oldest (mother-) church; Altfeld, Oberwittbach without churches; Kredenbach, Steinmark with church in St. since 1954; Glasofen, filial church since the 1920th. All lutheran inhabitants of these 6 villages are listed up according the time and according baptisms, marriages and burials - until about 1850 without an alphabetic register. Be aware: No family regster, even no alphabetic register!! That makes researches a time consuming  work. And not only this: The old handwritings are difficult, even if diligently written. The reason: They are written with gothic letters. Young people can't read it.
1.3 I myself have studied many churchbooks of the parishes in Wertheim County because my wife had her roots here. But I  met a family genealogy book only for Wenkheim (Baden 1666 - 1871 partly in Latin language, 4 x Fertig) and Neukirchen (catholic, Baden 1685 - 1910 without Fertig). Those books are not written for a certain family, but for the parish, that is for the pastor. I think the people here had been natives, poor, concentrated to earn their living and therefore not interested in family geneology. What was necessary for them they wrote on the last pages of their bible.
2. Johann (= Hans) Adam Sauer married 9. April 1738 in Kredenbach Anna, widow of Hans Peter Fertig, tailor in Altfeld, née Gerberich.
3. Hans (= Johann) Peter Fertig, master tailor, married 22. June 1728 in Altfeld maiden Anna Gerberich.
4. Johanna Haupt is not born in the parish Michelrieth 1720. The name Haupt in general does not occur in the registers of Michelrieth.
5. Only by occasion the pastor mentioned an emigration in the registers. Regularily one has to look for emigration in the State Archive of Bronnbach. I have not yet proved because the persons are mentioned by Dora Yoder.
Reference 9 - Fertig, John Christian, Genealogical Research – Sarasota Florida, deceased.  Mr. Fertig hired Ms. Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler, professional genealogist from Munchen, West Germany to search the Michelrieth Lutheran Church Registers for the Fertig family.
John Christian Fertig genealogical findings obtained from a database held by Ms. Pat Frappier:
            1.  Hans Peter1 Fertig was born March 13, 1699/00 in Altfeld, Wertheim, Baden, Germany, and died November 20, 1737 in Altfeld, Wertheim, Baden, Germany.  He married Anna Gerberich June 22, 1728 in Altfeld, Wertheim, Baden, Germany.  She was born January 30, 1708/09 in Altfeld, Wertheim, Baden, Germany, and died Abt. 1780 in Skippack, PA.
Children of Hans Fertig and Anna Gerberich are:
        2           i.           Apollonia2 Fertig, born August 17, 1729 in Altfeld, Wertheim, Baden, Germany.
        3           ii.           Peter Fertig, born February 22, 1730/31 in Altfeld, Wertheim, Baden, Germany.
        4           iii.           Michael Fertig, born October 03, 1732 in Altfeld, Wertheim, Baden, Germany.
He settled in Chester County, PA.  In 1759 he was listed as an inmate in Pikeland Township.
        5           iv.           Hans Mathias Fertig, born February 25, 1735/36 in Altfeld, Wertheim, Baden, Germany.
Hans settled in Chester County, PA and was called Hans Adam after arriving in USA.
Information posted by John Christian Fertig, Jr.  on Volume 14, Tree 1033 of the World Family Tree Collection, www.genealogy.com.  Contact information given was JOHN C FERTIG , JR.4009 APPLEYARD DRIVEFT. WORTH, TX 76137-1272
Generation No. 1
            1.  Johannes1 Fertig was born Abt. 1594 in Altfeld, Germany, and died February 1671/72 in Altfeld, Germany.  He married Anna WFT Est. 1609-1643.  She was born WFT Est. 1584-1606, and died WFT Est. 1627-1693.
Child of Johannes Fertig and Anna is:
+      2           i.           Johannes2 Fertig, born Abt. 1624 in Altfeld, Germany; died Abt. 1700 in Altfeld, Germany.
Generation No. 2
            2.  Johannes2 Fertig (Johannes1) was born Abt. 1624 in Altfeld, Germany, and died Abt. 1700 in Altfeld, Germany.  He married Catharina Friudenberger June 14, 1663 in Altfeld, Germany.  She was born WFT Est. 1621-1647, and died WFT Est. 1671-1735.
Child of Johannes Fertig and Catharina Friudenberger is:
+      3           i.           Johannes3 Fertig, born March 09, 1667/68 in Altfeld, Germany; died WFT Est. 1703-1759.
Generation No. 3
            3.  Johannes3 Fertig (Johannes2, Johannes1) was born March 09, 1667/68 in Altfeld, Germany, and died WFT Est. 1703-1759.  He married Christina Albert April 23, 1689 in Altfeld, Germany.  She was born WFT Est. 1654-1677, and died WFT Est. 1703-1766.
Child of Johannes Fertig and Christina Albert is:
+      4           i.           Hans Peter4 Fertig, born March 13, 1699/00 in Altfeld, Germany; died November 20, 1737 in Altfeld, Germany.
Generation No. 4
            4.  Hans Peter4 Fertig (Johannes3, Johannes2, Johannes1) was born March 13, 1699/00 in Altfeld, Germany, and died November 20, 1737 in Altfeld, Germany.  He married Anna Gerberich June 22, 1728 in Altfeld, Germany.  She was born January 31, 1708/09 in Altfeld, Germany, and died 1780 in Skippack Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa..
Child of Hans Fertig and Anna Gerberich is:
+      5           i.           Michael5 Fertig, born October 03, 1732 in Altfeld, Germany; died May 11, 1799 in Dauphin, Pa.
Generation No. 5
            5.  Michael5 Fertig (Hans Peter4, Johannes3, Johannes2, Johannes1) was born October 03, 1732 in Altfeld, Germany, and died May 11, 1799 in Dauphin, Pa.  He married Anna Maria Ries June 10, 1764 in N. Hanover Lutheran Church, Pa., daughter of Martin Ries and Barbara Rees.  She was born March 11, 1747/48 in Freiberg, Germany (Bavaria) ??, and died February 08, 1821 in Dauphin, Pa..
Notes for Michael Fertig: At least one source has his name as Johann Michael Fertig.  His mother remarried after the death of his father and they emigrated under the step fathers name of SAUER.  Upon becoming independent of his family he changed his name back to FERTIG.  Born in Michelreith.  Buried in Mt. Pleasant (Red Hill) Cemetery, Dauphin, Pa.. , BAPM: 1733, BURI: Dauphin, Pa, TITL: Sr.
More About Anna Maria Ries: Buried in Mt. Pleasant (Red Hill) Cemetery, Dauphin, Pa., BURI: Dauphin, Pa
Marriage Notes for Michael Fertig and Anna Ries: N. Hanover Lutheran Church, Pennsylvania
Letters received my Mr. John Christian Fertig from Mrs. Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler, professional genealogist, Heimeranstr. 2, 8000 Munchen, Tel:089/5024469, West Germany
9.6.1989 (June 9, 1989)
…parents of Michael Fertig:
Hans Peter Fertig born on the 13th March 1700.  He married on the 22nd June 1728 Anna Gerberide (Gerberich)….
Parents of Hans peter are: Johannes Fertig who married Christina Albert on the 23rd April 1689.   Michael had the following sister and brothers.  The Johann Adam is a Johann Mathias and born on the 25th Feb. 1736.  Peter born 22nd Feb. 1731. Apollina born 24th April 1729
8.4.1989 (August 4, 1989)
I again proofed about your Michael Fertig and am sure now, that I found the right family because I found his mothers remarriage….This is what I have so far.  I hope I can trace the Fertig family back to 1632 when churchbooks started.  Johann Michael Fertig is born on the 3rd Okt. 1732  His sisters and brothers: Apollonia born 24th Aug. 1729, Peter born 22nd Feb. 1731, Hans Mathias born 25th Feb. 1736.  The parents are: Hans Peter Fertig born on the 13th March 1700.  He married on the 22nd June 1728 Anna Gerberide.  Hans Peter Fertig died on the 20th Nov. 1738 (1737).  His widow Anna married on the 19th April 1738 Johann Adam Sauer from Kredenbach…Parents of Hans Peter are: Johannes Fertig he married 23rd April 1689 Christina Albert.
Reference 10 - History of the Fertig (De la Ferte, Fertich) Family – No author, no date (circa 1915), San Diego Regional Genealogical Library.
Page 4
VIII. JOHN FERTIG was born in Deidesheim, Rhine Palatinate, Germany, February 24, 1736.  He arrived in Philadelphia in 1754, on S.S. Phoenix from Rotterdam.  Took the oath of allegiance to the British sovereign, as required by law, November 2, 1754.  His name appears on the original ship’s list as “Hans Fertig”.  He was married in October 1762, to Elizabeth Dihm, the daughter of Adam Dihm and his wife Margaretha.  She was born in the town of Scholbrun in Wertheim, Germany, October 17, 1739, and came to America in 1754. John Fertig settled in Vincent Township, Chester County, Pa., prior to 1769…
Page 7
One, Hans, or Johannes Fertig, came in the ship ‘Phoenix’ and qualified on Nov. 2, 1752; the other, Michael Fertig, came over somewhere around 1760, both settled in Chester County, PA.; the former died there, the later removed to Berks, Montgomery and finally Dauphin counties.
Page 10
Native to the German Palatinate about the time of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, in 1685, prior to that date, as we shall see, it was of French origin, and written, DE LA FERTE, easily changed into Ferti, Ferte, and Fertig.
Page 14
The de la Ferte family originated in Normandy….
Page 77
Adam Fertich, born Febr. 4, 1700
1. Adam, b. Febr. 4, 1700, married, May 3, 1734, Johanna, daughter of Johannes Haupt;
Page 80
We, the land proprietor, Adam Fertich, of Deidesheim, and Johanna Fertich, born Haupt, make this testamentary disposition.  I, Adam Fertig, declare as my heirs, my wife, Johanna Fertig, born Haupt, our sons, Jacob and Heinrich, both of full age, our son, Peter Fertig, under age; our first born son, Johannes or Hans Fertig, if he should return, otherwise he is to receive only 5Th., all in the following proportions.
Page 81
Johannes Fertig, the eldest and first born son, had emigrated prior to 1760, and it was probably necessary to make a new arrangement to meet the situation.  This was quite common, as otherwise long time would elapse before the property of a deceased could be distributed.
i. Adam, bt. March 9, 1735, died an infant.
ii. Johannes, bt. Febr. 27, b. Febr. 24,1736, in Deidesheim, also styled Hans Fertig, evidently away from the paternal home in 1760 and in 1784, came of a stock that sent emigrants to the New World to seek their fortunes.
Page 82
Michael Fertig, a cousin of Johannes, settled in Pike land, adjoining East Vincent Township, somewhere around 1765, or before, also came first to the then Philadelphia county, afterwards Lancaster.
Pages 84-85
On Nov. 2,1752 in the ship ‘Phoenix’, John Spurrier, commander, from Rotterdam, last from Portsmouth, came a large number of emigrants…Johannes Fertig was then only 16 years of age, which explains the diminutive “Hans”’ still younger, and another dilutive would have been employed.
JOHN FERTIG was born in Europe, February 24, 1736.  He came to America in the year 1754.  Died January 13, 1831.  Aged ninety-four years, 10 months and 11 days – Tombstone in Brownback’s Churchyard.
He arrived at Philadelphia on the Ship Phoenix, from Rotterdam, last from Portsmouth, England, commanded by John Spurrier.  His name appears on the original ship’s list as “Hans Fertig”.  Upon landing he took the oath of allegiance to the British sovereign, as required by law.  Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume XVII, p. 371. Rupp. Thirty Thousand Names of Emigrants. 1875, p. 292.  Note; According to his tombstone John Fertig came to America in the year 1754.
He was married in October 1762 to Elizabeth Dihm, the daughter of Adam Dihm and his wife Margaretha.  She was born in the town of Schulbrun, in Wertheim, Germany, October 17, 1739, and came to America in 1754. Tombstone in Brownback’s Churchyard
John Fertig settled in Vincent Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, prior to 1769…
Page 88
John Fertig Died January 13, 1831. His wife Elizabeth died July 4, 1812.  They were buried at Brownback’s Reformed Churchyard, Chester County, Pennsylvania, where their tombstones bear these inscriptions:
Page 89
In Memory of JOHN FERTIG who was born in Europe the 24th of February in the year of our Lord 1736.  He came to America in the year 1754, and departed this life the 13th of January A.D. 1831.  Aged 94 years 10 months and 11 days.  There was a time that time is past when youth I bloomed like thee.  A time will come ‘Tis coming fast when thou shall fade like me.
Page 95
Copy of the Will of John Fertig (1)
In the name of God Amen.  I, John Fertig of Coventry township, Chester County and State of Pennsylvania being in perfect health of body, of sound mind memory and understanding blessed be Almighty God for the same Do make this my last Will and Testament…
Reference 11 - The Fertig Family, Transcribed by Mrs. Pat Frappier of Kettering, Ohio - book was located in the Fort Wayne library, no title, no author, no date.  In 1986, Mr. John C. Fertig wrote a letter to Goodspeed's book Shop in Boston Mass.  They responded back  "We do not have the book . We purchased it in a box lot Here is the citation for the book - FERTIG FAMILY OF GERMANY AND FRANCE, FROM ANTOINE DE LA FERTE, 1487 TO CHRISTOPHER FERTIG OF PENNSYLVANIA 1774 By G. Anjou  118 pages typewritten unbound Ca 2906  22.50$” – G. Anjou could potentially by Gustavd Anjou”
This source contains much of the exact information contained in the History of the Fertig (De la Ferte, Fertich) Family, with the following additions:
Page 31
Johannes Fertig, the eldest and first born son, had emigrated prior to 1760, and it was probably necessary to make a new arrangement to meet the situation.  This was quite common, as otherwise long time would elapse before the property of a deceased could be distributed.
1.       Adam bt. March 9, 1735, died an infant.
2.       Johannes, bt. Febr. 27, 1736, born Febr. 24, of whom presently.
3.       Jacob, bt. April 12, 1737, married, Sept. 17, 1766, Elise Huber…and emigrated to Chester Co., Pa, where he died and was buried Dec. 17, 1809….Jacob Fertig made his will, Nov. 7, 1784:…(My father, the landed proprietor, Adam Fertig, died on Febr. 3, 1761, having been married to my mother, Johanna Haupt, who died two years ago, and having had issue, four children, the undersigned, and Johannes, Heinrich and Peter Fertig.  Now, all of these have either been lost sight of or are dead, and I am the sole heir to the maners of  Deidesheim, Speyer and Scholbrunn.
4.       Heinrich, bt. March 14, 1738; no further data. There seems to have been a Heinrich or Henry Fertig of Chester Co., Pa, simultaneously with Johannes Fertig.
5.       Peter, bt. May 1-, 1748, died Oct 6, 1775, a bachelor, a miller to occupation of Landau where he was buried.
6.       Marg. - -- - 174-
Reference 12 – Ancestors and Descendants of Johan Adam Diehm The Immigrant of 1754 and Early Settler of Montgomery and Chester Counties, Pennsylvania - Patricia Shaffer Frappier, 1995.
Page 22
Children of John Fertich and Elizabeth Diehm
i John b. 6-Sep-1763  
ii Johann Peter b. 2-Sep-1766
iii Mary b. 25-Jan-1767  
iv Adam b. -1770  
v Abraham b. -1771
vi Jacob b. 9-Sep-1778
vii Elizabeth b. 20-Jul-1784
Reference 13 - Der Familiename Fertig” (The Family Name Fertig) - Published in the “Bergstrasser Hematblatter”, the local newspaper of the Bensheim region (approximately 40 miles south of Frankfurt, Germany).  The editor was Diether Blum of Bensheim.  The article was written by Josef Fertig of Giessen (approximately 50 miles north of Frankfurt) on July 15, 1983.  Translation to English as follows.
....In the research of the early archives of the line of princes (the Early Cloister Archives), Richard Koreas in the book “The History of the Cloisters of Amorbach in the 14th and 15th Centuries” found that there was a Schoolmaster of the Cloister at that time by the name of Beringer Fertig. This person named “Fertig” is also in the Markitel Book “School of Heidelberg” under the name “Berngerus Vertig” from Hetegebuer that is known today as Hettiggenbeuren in a village part known as “von Buchen”. Heidelberg University was founded in 1386. The fact that he had a baccalaureate degree at that time means that he must have gotten his degree earlier at another university, probably the University of Paris. His early education was in the school at Amorbach, a school of which he later became the Schoolmaster. He must have gotten the degree involving writing else because at that time the skill of writing was not yet fully mastered at the time of the Amorbach School (1300’s and 1400”). During the early times of the landowners and the tithing of the farmers, it became apparent that there was a law needed and crafted for the saving and registration of tithing in the area around Cloister Amorbach. This law is still in place today. A legal disagreement developed between the Cloister and the Hornbacher farmers. Through a book written on July 8, 1422, related to this event which was witnessed by four people including the Schoolmaster of Amorbach, it has been clearly ascertained that Berringer Fertig was the Schoolmaster of the Cloister Amorbach and who was at the University of Heidelberg in 1390 using the Latin name Berngerus Verting which translates to Berringer Fertig in German. Thus we know beyond doubt that Berringer Fertig, the Schoolmaster, was the first person to have legally documented the name of “Fertig”. Berringer Fertig was noted in this book as being the “Notar” or lawyer whose signature made this document official...
Reference 14 - List of  fraudulent manuscripts by Gustave Anjou (c1863-1942)
The following manuscripts and books all contain fraudulent information forged by Gustave Anjou (c1863-1942) Real name was Gustaf Ludvig Ljungberg. Born in Sweden. ...On other pages located through the FRAUD INDEX link located below, you will learn who Gustave Anjou was and how he operated....The Anjou List....FERTE


Professional genealogists and serious researchers alike, have been aware of the forgeries and frauds committed by GUSTAVE ANJOU (1863-1942) and we of this Society believe this material should be brought to the attention of all who may come in contact with any the publications listed below.

The sad fact is that Gustave Anjou was not a genealogist, but a forger of genealogical records that have been passed on for years to unwary clients and then through researchers who believed, or wanted to believe, they had a true lineage. They in turn republished the material in their own works and the cycle continues even today.

Gustave Anjou produced these "genealogies" for wealthy clients at a price of around $9,000 and the client. needless to say, always received what they wanted.

In the words of Mr. Anderson;

" A typical Anjou pedigree displays four recognizable features:

1. A dazzling range of connections between dozens of immigrants to New England; for example, connections far beyond what may be seen in pedigrees produced by anyone else:

 2. Many wild geographical leaps, outside the normal range of migration patterns;

 3. An overwhelming number of citations to documents that actually exist, and actually include what Anjou says they include; and

 4. Here and there an invented document, without citation, which appears to support the many connections noted under item 1 above".

The above mentioned publication is one that belongs in your genealogy library. I urge you all to read the detailed account of this article and the five other genealogy fraud articles that appear with it. Included is another detailed article about Gustave Anjou's life and forgery methods, entitled Gustave, We Hardly Knew Ye: by Gordon L. Remington, editor of the Genealogical Journal.

Please do not contact the Society in regards to copies of these articles. We will honor existing copyright laws owned by the publisher and do not distribute copies of their work.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Anderson for bringing these facts to our attention and also to the Genealogical Journal for their courage by publishing the material.

Harold Oliver, Director
America's First Families October 5, 1998

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